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Francesca Agrati was born in Milan in 1976 to a family of culturally enlightened entrepreneurs and passionate art collectors. As a result, since childhood being creative has always been in her nature. She graduated from Università degli Studi di Milano with a bachelor’s degree in political science and worked for several years in the family business.

At the same time, Francesca grew and cultivated her passion for art, painting in her home studio in every spare moment. She learned through a rigorous process of studying, experimenting, researching, and making. Those are the cornerstones of her work and the abilities that led her to master her skills in various artistic techniques. 


The year 2014 was a turning point in her artistic production. She discovered the charm and strength of incorporating mixed media elements into her art pieces and experimenting with different materials to create a symphony of colors, matter, photographic image and canvas. In her artworks, the subjects emerge from the background and disrupt the plane of the two-dimensional flatness of the canvas. The artist explores the female world through portraits where the complexity and seriousness of everyday situations is ironically played down and minimized.

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